tokyo ghoul 140

i’m not that good at analyzing stuff but i think there’s a IX (9) in tokyo ghoul chapter 140 (kaneki’s blood)


and number 9 in tarot card is the hermit and the keywords for it are:

  • introspection - silence - guidance - reflections
  • solitude - looking inward - reclusion - being quiet
  • inner search - deep understanding - isolation
  • distance - retreat - philosophical attitude

also, wikipedia says that:

there are two possible ways this card can be interpreted:

first, the need to withdraw from society to become comfortable with himself

second, the return from isolation to share his knowledge with others

and more information:

a potentially dangerous aspect of the hermit is his retreat, his isolation. we all need to retreat sometimes; retreat and renewal are necessary for growth. but the hermit may be tempted to completely withdraw from the world, not because the journey is done, but because the dragons of the real are too daunting, or the trivial pleasures of the cave are too intoxicating. withdraw at the wrong time, remain withdrawn too long, and growth stops.

and i think it just really fits the kaneki in this chapter, like how he introspected and felt sorry after looking at the little himself and his /reflection/ and how his reflection, the other kaneki, asked him to rest a bit, to withdraw from all sufferings because everything is just too much.

this post is inspired by eyepatch-centipede’s tarot card series. i’m a fan of her analysis!¬†(i actually wanted to share this as an ask for her but her ask box didn’t work idky :( )

i hope i’m not imagining things but this is really fun to analyze :D